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To further prove our devotion to your satisfaction, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have regarding our services or our performance. All of our engineer inspectors are experienced and we will be able to provide any information you may need.

Straight Shooter Property Inspections

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Hi… I’m Terri with Straight Shooter Inspections Services and I’m a Civil Engineer truly cares about your home and the safety of your family. I want to make sure you’re getting just the right investment to last you a lifetime. We are the premier inspection company among Northeast Ohio Realtors because we do the one thing no one else does! We provide each client a degreed civil engineer to conduct all tests and inspections to ensure that your home is exactly the investment you think it is. We know of no other company that provides inspectors with the qualifications we do and at we do it at very competitive prices.

Additionally, we provide the straight up facts about your home or construction project. We don’t panic clients or sugar coat problems. We give you clear and precise facts about the condition of your home without emotion or alarm. There are no discrepancies that can’t be fixed…the question is how much are you willing to spend to fix it? These decisions are driven by facts, dollars, and emotion. Clients must look at the facts…our inspection report, the seller’s disclosure form, listing price, comparative sales in the area, appraisals, and the repair costs of any serious undisclosed issues we make you aware of. We provide the facts…the final decision of what to ask the seller to repair is yours alone.

We are eager to help you ensure you are getting all the wonderful things you are expecting in your investment without not-so-wonderful surprises! As a Veteran, who was raised by a Veteran, I feel it’s my duty to keep your family safe and if you’re a vet or first responder you’ll get a 20% discount because you live to keep us safe every single day! Selling, Buying, Building, 11-month warranty, commercial, or residential …get 5-star service with a Straight Shooter!


"Engineers Who Care About Your Investment!"

Straight Shooter Property Inspections

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